Stella Magna 88

Technical specifications





Built Area

Starting From

: Stella Premium

: Stella Magna 88

: Aframe

: 3 + 1

: 88 m2 / 950 ftsq

: $ 36500



Our Aframe model Stella Magna, which is designed as a large living room and American kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 jacuzzi room and a large mezzanine bedroom on the ground floor, is designed for both individual users and tourism demands with its luxurious design.

After the intense interest in triangular bungalows, we designed this model with the idea that a building of this concept can also have house-sized applications. In this model, we have designed an additional part to the main triangle with a height of 6.2m, taking advantage of the height and gallery space advantage of triangular architecture, while taking advantage of the features of classical architecture to create easy and efficient partitions.

A modern and stylish combination of Aframe and timber house concepts, this design offers a total of 70m2 of indoor space, while the 18m2 terrace is designed to meet the demands of those who desire a life integrated with the exterior.

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