Our Aframe Cabin and Bungalow Building Journey

In 2019, we started to work on developing fast-installed, economical and highly insulated models, especially for tourism facilities.

We identified 3 different architectural models for visually prominent buildings with the above features, which were the first examples of the Stella, Aries, Orion series products we currently produce.


Our aim was to create structures that are both minimalist and interesting. We decided to create our first example on the Stella Aframe Cabin model.

We completed the assembly of our first Stella 27m2 model, which we completed the production in March 2019, in April in a record time of 3 days.

With a height of 4.30m, Aframe structure has a very interesting appearance.

First Commercial Production

Our first commercial application in Aframe Cabins was realised as 10 tourism facilities in Bolu Mengen.

In line with the demands, the height of the building was increased to 4.5 metres, the floor area was expanded and one of the bed niches was enlarged as a double bed and increased to 38 m2 in total.

Due to the apical nature of the application area, rear entrances were added and metal trapezoidal application was made on the roof for long life.

Stella is Evolving

With our production and application experiences, our model development process continued this time with a new 34 m2 Stella model.

In this Aframe Cabin, which we built in Muğla Ören, large windows were used for the first time on the front façade, while the under-roof terrace was cancelled and added to the interior space, providing an entrance floor that offers a wider living space.

Protecting the Original Design

Our first Stella models were made with five-meter pillars the form of an equilateral triangle. Since these models, which were quite sufficient for the minimalist form, tended to grow with demand and assembly experience, we entered a model revision again in 2020.

You Think It's Just A Cabin? Well think again!

We have installed 10 of our Stella 82 model Aframe Cabins, which we prepared by taking into account the special needs of winter tourism facilities, in Sivas Yıldızdağı.

In this model, while the floor area has increased, the height of the building has increased to 6.20 metres. According to Cabine, these gigantic height structures were produced in sizes to be considered as single houses.

It's a Survivor

We delivered these structures, which we designed to serve in very harsh and challenging conditions such as -30 degrees Celsius in winter, winds up to 90 km per hour, 4 metres of snow thickness, after a 55-day assembly process. In the meantime, the cabins we built in Sivas were the subject of many news sites in Turkey.

Premium Feelings

We started the assembly of our first three-bedroom cabin model, Stella Magna, at the end of 2020. We designed Magna taking into account both personal use and luxury villa rental demands.

Magna, which is appreciated worldwide with its 70 m2 closed area and 18 m2 terrace, has been published in many local and foreign press organizations.

Summer Vibes

In 2021, we completed the assembly of a tourism facility consisting of 16 Stella 70 Model Aframe cabins in Antalya Kaş. This model, which is an adaptation of the model we applied in Sivas for summer tourism, was produced as a qualified model with a height of 6.2m, black pillars and camellia. This model, which includes a lounge with American kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom on the ground floor, offers a capacity of 2+1 and 4 people with the bedroom on the mezzanine floor.

New Premium: Latus

We applied the Stella Latus model Aframe cabin, which is a very luxurious and spacious 2 + 1 model with a total height of 7.2m from the Stella Premium series, in the Dodurga Neighborhood of Çayyolu region in Ankara.

Building a Summer Motel in 30 Days

In 2021, we implemented our 2nd tourism facility in Patara - Kaş / Antalya with 4 units in the classic Stella 34 model.

Returning Sivas

The last Aframe Cabin project of 2021 was the application of a total of 15 triangular houses in the 2nd stage of Sivas Yıldızdağı.

This facility, which consists of 13 two-bedroom 86 square meters and 2 98 square meters three-bedroom houses in a completely house concept in accordance with the severe winter conditions, was completed in only 50 days under severe climatic conditions, breaking a record that is difficult to break.

Thus, we completed 2021 by building 36 Aframe cabins.

Our Stop is Marmaris

In 2022, we assembled a sample of the Stella 47 model in Marmaris, Muğla. It has a height of 5.2 meters. With its one bedroom design, it can be used as both a home and temporary accommodation.

Inspired by the North

Our Stella Nord Model, which was assembled as 2 units for the first time in our facility consisting of 6 cabins in Edirne, was designed to be assembled in less than 3 days in mass projects. With a height of 4.4 meters, this model, which offers both living space and a bedroom on the mezzanine floor without sacrificing spaciousness, is designed especially for tourism facilities.

Assemble Video

High and Stylish

The last Aframe for now in 2022 was built in Saklikent - Seydikemer / Mugla with a height of 6.6 meters, our highest Aframe model for commercial use so far is based on the Stella 70, which has 20% more volume in the same floor area.

Hazır ev modellerimiz ile en kısa sürede, yüksek verimlilikteki yapılara ulaşabilirsiniz.


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