Stella Latus: Comfort in white

Technical specifications





Built Area

Starting From

: Stella Premium

: Stella Latus

: Aframe

: 2 + 1

: 98 m2 / 1050 ftsq

: $ 40000



Our Stella Latus Model is designed for a very spacious 2+1 experience with its 6.7m length.

It is designed as a small office with a 28m2 giant room and a 4m2 window area on the mezzanine floor.

By using two separate triangular designs sequentially, the sitting area provides a very spacious gallery space, while making room for usage areas.

This design, which started with the deck next to it, was made by considering personal needs, with a hall with a gallery space on the ground floor, a bedroom, and a room in the size of a living room on the mezzanine floor.

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