Aries 72: Modern architecture meets wood.

Technical specifications





Built Area

Starting From

: Aries

: Aries 72

: Bungalow

: 2 + 1

: 72 m2 / 780 ftsq

: $ 26000



Aries 72: The Versatile Cabin Kit

Discover the Aries 72, our most versatile cabin kit model with various sizing options , perfect for both tourism facilities and individual use. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this cabin kit offers unparalleled quality and functionality with its distinctive and adaptable design.

Spacious and Stylish Design

  • Entry Level: The Aries 72 boasts a 40m² (431 sq ft) main floor area, complemented by a stylish design that maximizes space and functionality.
  • Loft Floor: An additional 20m² (215 sq ft) mezzanine floor provides extra space, ideal for a cozy bedroom or additional living area.
  • Height: With a building height of 5.20m (17'1"), this unique cabin is exceptionally spacious and airy for its class.
  • Deck: Includes a 12m² (129 sq ft) deck area, perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

Efficient Use of Space

  • Ground Floor: Features a well-designed layout including a bathroom, kitchen, and living room.
  • Mezzanine Floor: A dedicated bedroom area, providing a comfortable and private retreat.

Dimensions and Structure

  • Main Structure: Measures 6.30m x 6.30m (20'8" x 20'8") with a height of 5.20m (17'1").
  • Foundation: Can be easily installed on either a concrete or wooden subfloor.
  • Expandable Options: The Aries 72 is highly versatile and can be enlarged with various dimension options to suit your specific needs.

Quick and Easy Assembly

  • Time-Efficient: The Aries 72 cabin kit can be assembled in just 7 work days, making it a convenient option for quick setups.
  • Complete Kit: As one of the most comprehensive cabin kits on the market, it includes everything you need for assembly, ensuring a hassle-free construction process.

Proven Effectiveness

  • Customer Satisfaction: Built numerous times by both us and our customers, the Aries 72 has proven to be an effective and reliable choice for various applications.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for tourism facilities seeking a unique accommodation option, or individuals looking for a stylish and functional living space.
  • Perfect for Daily Rentals: The Aries 72 is an excellent choice for daily rentals on platforms like Airbnb. Its unique look, comfortable design, and flexible layout options make it a highly attractive option for short-term renters, ensuring a high occupancy rate and excellent reviews.

Choose the Aries 72 cabin kit for its unmatched quality, efficiency, and versatility. Transform your space with this exceptional cabin kit, perfect for creating a cozy, stylish retreat that is also ideal for daily rentals. With its expandable options, the Aries 72 can adapt to meet all your accommodation needs.


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