Building Healthy Living Spaces

For your health, we are natural

We have set our priority as your health in all the buildings we have built. We attach importance to the fact that the content of the materials we use is from natural or nature-identical materials. We proudly say that 95% of the materials we use are natural or the same as nature. We prefer materials that have no natural alternatives among the building products that have been proven harmful to human health.

Collage work with wooden houses. In the upper left image, a woman is inside of the Aframe cabin house, examining the forest through the window. Aframe Cabin which looks stylish in the second image, stands in the middle of the grass. In the last image, a wooden mansion is in the forest.

An Environmental Approach for Environmental Health

We attach importance to environmental health in our productions, the materials we use are long-lasting and sensitive to natural life. Unlike other building alternatives, we produce structures that are integrated with nature, which do not leave materials that need to be collected when they complete their economic life of at least 100-150 years. We care about your health and your environment.

A large mansion in the forest, the ground floor of which is made of stone, the upper two floors of wood and eco panels.