Frequently Asked Questions

We know you need more details to make a decision to build a wooden house. That's why we are ready for all your questions.

What is the Lifespan of Solid Houses?

Solid wood is one of the longest lasting building materials in the world, there are many solid wood buildings over 500 years old in the world. All of our structures are produced using natural preservatives, you do not need any maintenance except in extreme conditions. Solid Wood turns into a hard outer surface that protects itself, similar to the bark of a tree, which we call incrustation on the exterior. Except for the roof surface and joinery, it does not need any extra maintenance or painting.

I want to buy a house. What is the Process?

As the manufacturer, when the customer's request is fulfilled, we determine the production time and assembly time with him, we sign a mutually binding contract, the down payment determined by the contract is taken by our company. If our customer has received a standard package before the agreed installation date: Preparing the concrete insolation with scales in the given dimensions, If it is purchased with wooden carrier sub-basement: It is sufficient to provide a flat and hard floor as much as the base area, If there is not a flat floor on the land, smoothing or adapting the carrier feet to the floor can be done. If the contract is signed as Turnkey: External connections outside the building (electricity, sewage water, clean water) are required. In the deliveries to be made on the sub-basement, the sub-basement and the floor material to be laid on it belong to the customer. Apparently, when the Assembly Date comes, the remaining part of the fee is paid, the prepared wooden material and our assembly team set out. It seems to complete the assembly of the house before the end of the assembly period and deliver it to the owner in return for signature. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain the necessary building permits.

What is the Installation Fee? How are your team's needs met?

We do not have an installation fee. The employer is only responsible for the accommodation of the assembly team and, if necessary, transportation costs between the construction site accommodation.

What is included in the package prices?

Our standard packages; All interior-exterior walls, interior-exterior doors, windows and windows, roof and roof insulation are included. All structures are delivered with natural preservatives, you do not need to apply extra paint, etc. In extra services, we offer: floor, floor insulation, bathroom works, kitchen, electrical installation and wooden foot carrier system without plinth. Our company offers free assembly service for all its products and undertakes the transportation costs outside the extra-cost regions. Except for the accommodation and subsistence expenses of the assembly team, all liabilities are carried out by our company. All these services are stated verbally and in writing in the contract details and price offer, and no extra fees are charged.

What are the materials we use in the manufacture of floors, walls and roofs?

Except for the roof surface coating, all the main material is kiln-dried solid yellow pine, it is used as 5 cm for bungalows in standard production and 7 cm for house models, providing high insulation. Insulated roof consisting of wooden joint, membrane, rock wool and metal trapeze is standard on the Roof Surfaces. All materials except the roof surface are guaranteed by our company against production errors and loss of function for 20 years.

Is a license required for solid wood structures?

All types of permanent structures are subject to licensing procedures to be legal, regardless of the material from which they are made. Obtaining a building permit is subject to conditions that vary according to the region. It is the buyer's responsibility to carry out all kinds of licensing procedures. When our teams come to the assembly, they assume that the necessary permissions have been obtained.